Rapid hiring in the age of social distancing

A few weeks into Lockdown, home delivery personnel suddenly found themselves as frontline workers in this strangest of wars. Indispensable to millions of households for even essential supplies.

That's when our client - world's largest e-commerce company - announced a massive hiring surge to meet growing demand.

However, with the lockdown and COVID still hanging in the air, it had to be done without physical onboarding centres. In line with the flavour of the season, the entire process had to be digital and contactless.

"In the last three months, Amazon has leveraged technology to completely shift the on boarding process to a virtual experience and has introduced digitised training for Flex partners." Full story

Enter: Zero Touch Onboarding

IDfy's Zero Touch Onboarding (ZTO) solution takes 'Total Ownership' of the process - from lead management to verification, training, and onboarding.

We completed 10,000 people profiles across 35 cities in the first month using ZTO. In the second month, we helped them onboard 24,000 delivery executives, averaging 1400 onboardings a day.

It adds up to 2 new people onboarded every minute.

ZTO enables remote hiring at scale

ZTO creates a virtual 'walk-in'  scenario.

The candidate applies on the client's app, submits documents, gets them verified, takes a test, and gets a live interview done. All in one session.

In parallel, the candidate's background is verified and criminal records checked. A field address verification can also be done, when required.

At the end of the process, our client receives the verified profile of a trained individual for onboarding.

ZTO in Action

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How ZTO works

ZTO merges different technology solutions and operations seamlessly into one single workflow.

  1. The candidate applies on the client's app
  2. Is redirected to IDfy's Profile Gateway
  3. The candidate submits digital copies of IDs and selfie
  4. IDfy's APIs identify the person, verify the IDs, authenticate details, capture candidate's location - in realtime
  5. IDfy conducts live video verification - self-serve or live agent
  6. IDfy's agents check online court and police records
  7. IDfy's field executive verifies the candidate's address (if required)
  8. The candidate is directed to training on an external app
  9. The client receives verified candidate for onboarding

How ZTO helps (especially in the current climate)

  1. Removes need for physical onboarding centres - both a health and safety hazard under current circumstances
  2. Removes need for physical documentation and physical interaction between people
  3. Makes Anytime-Anywhere Onboarding possible - making it convenient and simple for everyone concerned
  4. Makes hiring much faster more efficient that centre-driven onboarding

Zero Touch Onboarding for Zero Touch Deliveries

ZTO is ushering in the Contactless era by impacting the top of the value chain - Onboarding.

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If you want to onboard people remotely, at scale in realtime, please write to shivani@idfy.com

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