Authenticating players and verifying details in realtime to prevent fraud and money laundering

IDfy, a Mumbai-based company listed amongst world’s top 100 regulation technology companies, today announced that it has partnered with Baazi Games to keep their gaming platforms - PokerBaazi, BalleBaazi, and RummyBaazi - safe from user fraud and money laundering.

As part of KYC checks, every user of these gaming platforms is expected to present his/her government ID card. IDfy uses machine learning based algorithms to detect any tampering of these ID cards instantly. Genuine ID cards are then machine read, their data extracted and verified against relevant government databases in a matter of seconds. This verified user data is then matched against player profile to stop impersonation. It is also used to check that the player is of legal age, and is from a State that allows real money gaming. Finally, this data is also used to ensure that winnings can only be withdrawn to the bank account or wallet of the player and nobody else.

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Thus IDfy’s technology is keeping Baazi Games’ gaming platforms compliant with government regulations, free from risk of user fraud, and prevent money laundering.

“Both IDfy and Baazi Games are deeply committed to ethical and responsible gaming,” said Wriju Ray, co-founder and Chief Business Officer at IDfy. “I am proud that we have been able to come together and establish the best practices for India for keeping the player pool authentic.”

"The Gaming industry in India is at the cusp of exponential growth. For sustainable long-term growth, though, it is important for the industry to keep it honest and ethical. For this leading players like us need to be at the forefront of technology adoption that prevents fraud and money laundering. Our partnership with IDfy is a significant step in that direction," said Puneet Singh, co-founder of Baazi Games.

About IDfy

Baldor Technologies Private Limited (IDfy) is a Mumbai-based Regulatory Technologies company with solutions in fraud detection and digital KYC.

IDfy’s fraud detection platforms are built on the latest in machine-learning based anomaly detection, machine vision, and identity authentication techniques. These systems catch new and emerging fraud as well as fraud that previously went undetected, keeping clients, their customers and employees safe and secure.

IDfy provides risk and fraud solutions while processing 1.5 Million people profiles every month for more than 200 companies across India, Indonesia, Philippines, and the USA.

IDfy is a Global REGTECH100 company - among the world’s top 100 innovative companies in Regulatory Technologies.

IDfy has been funded by MegaDelta, Blume Ventures, BEENEXT, and DI.