It had to happen this way, isn't it?

Just when we were stepping out on to the turf, it started to pour. It poured so hard that my bald head revolted to the assault by threatening to grow some hair. We stood there, getting drenched in the rain, looking at each other, wondering if we should just call it off and head back to work. But there was no point. We were already soaked down to our bones. Plus, we were actually enjoying it. Before we knew, we were all on the turf, kicking the football around, making daring runs and sliding tackles.

But this evening wasn't about football. This was about Kho Kho.

Kho Kho?

Yeah! Remember the sport you played as a kid and loved? Yes, that one!

This was an evening when our over-worked and hyper-pressured tech and product teams went out to let their hair down. Or, wet in this case.

We played 4 gruelling rounds with people screaming, sliding, falling, cheating, yelling, and laughing their backsides off.

It was funny to see the Mohit, the most genial guy in office, unleashing the beast inside him as he chased Rajeev down like a cheetah after a deer. It's another matter that in his crazed predatory avatar he crashed into Priyanka hurtling her down the turf in the process. He's lucky he doesn't have to hunt prey for a living. ;-)

I was amazed to see Kaushik, our CTO, the least competitive guy you can ever come across, vehemently arguing how he was not out. Like, the world cup depended on it.

Funnily, each round lasted just 3-4 minutes. I was shocked. I seriously felt each lasted at least 15 minutes.

Einstein was right after all. 1 minute with a beautiful girl does indeed feel like 15.

It's hard to describe in words how much fun we had. But, for that half an hour, we all became our 11 year old selves playing in the school playground.

Personally, it felt great to connect with that boy. It's a sentiment I know I share with all 23 of us who spent that evening together.

P.S. We also played a round of 'Dog in the Bone'.

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