A report in the Technology edition of the Economic Times has reported on the recent twin product launches at IDfy - Aadhaar Masking and Video KYC. The report says that "both these mechanisms can help companies authenticate their users lawfully and at a cheaper cost".

Automated Masking of Aadhaar Number

IDfy’s Automated Masking processes the image of an uploaded Aadhaar card and delivers the same image with the first 8 digits of the Aadhaar number masked. This allows organisations to use Aadhaar card for authentication purposes while keeping customers data private and secure. The masking process is completed in 8 seconds.

“We are happy to provide a solution that provides for comprehensive fraud detection while respecting people’s privacy,” said Wriju Ray, co-founder and CBO, IDfy. “With Automated Masking, we are bringing the benefits of eKYC back to the industry while ensuring that people’s data remains private.”    

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To ask for a demo on Aadhaar Masking and/or Video KYC, please write to shivani@idfy.com