A few years ago, Bernard Ribeiro came across a farmer's cooperative growing organic produce under the guidance of the spiritual organisation of Swami Samarth. Other than ensuring clean organic practices, this group of farmers practice Agnihotra - an ancient Indian fire ceremony to cleanse the environment everyday at dusk and dawn.

Ribeiro believes this makes their agriculture produce a better, cleaner, and higher quality than other organic produce.

Not much later Ribeiro co-created All Time Young. A brand of healthy food products made out of produce from these farms, co-owned by Ribeiro, the farmer's cooperative, and the spiritual organisation.

Ribeiro's first tryst with e-commerce has not been a profitable one. He invested a significant amount of money in stocking up Amazon's warehouse and become a preferred partner. Payments from Amazon have been erratic and unpredictable. Ribeiro doesn't quite understand how they decide how much to pay him.

However, Ribeiro realises that getting direct to customer is the best way for him to grow his brand and business. He's planning to build his online store on shopify. He will engage a digital marketing agency. He plans to get on all home delivery apps.

He has big plans with e-commerce. Even though he's not on Google Pay yet as he needs to upgrade his phone. He's not able to download any apps on his current handset.

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