Like most things in business, Digital KYC too begins with the customer.

The KYC process starts with collecting documents from the customer which, in the case of Digital KYC, requires the customer to upload images of their ID cards and other documents.

If not done right, Digital KYC could become a double-edged sword

Yes, the digital KYC process comes with the promise of convenience. The convenience of anytime, anywhere digital capture / upload. However, it could become a nightmare if the customer captures or uploads images that are somewhat blurred, not readable, or simply the wrong type of ID card.

Sometimes, customers do get it wrong without knowing exactly what they are doing wrong. When this happens, the agent needs to get back to them, try and explain what went wrong and how to fix it, request them to re-capture, hope and pray that they get around to doing it again and actually get it right this time.

In such a scenario, many times, the customer who's already scared of technology may decide to drop out of the process completely.

Imagine, all your marketing dollars spent on acquiring the customer goes down the drain just because of an incorrectly uploaded image.

We strengthen the weakest link

That's exactly why we've built a SDK that helps the customer get it 'right first time' at the time of uploading their documents.

SDK can be visualized as a mini-app residing in the actual app. 'Right First Time' SDK is a Camera SDK that facilitates correct document capture.

If the customer captures an image that is incorrect or unusable, our SDK prompts them immediately to re-capture the documents with clear instructions.

Try the SDK in our demo app

So, if the customer selected Aadhaar and submitted PAN, she is immediately informed about it and requested to capture the right document.

Same if the image is blurred, unreadable or too small.

We also ensure Right First Time in selfie captures - ensuring that the eyes are open, the face is present, and multiple prominent faces aren't in the frame.

Standard usability principles say that if the request for re-capture and re-submitting happens in the same session, the person is much more likely to do it. If the request comes later and the person is required to re-start the session, the person is much more likely to drop off.

A classic win-win

Getting these documents right first time also improves the accuracy of data extraction that auto-fills the form, matches the name, and significantly improves 'Face Match' accuracy.

So, you save money, retain the customer, and improve the accuracy of your KYC while keeping the customer happy. Now that's a classic Win-Win.

Isn't that exactly what technology is expected to deliver?

Check out the 'Right First Time' SDK documentation on our Product Hub

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