As India went under lockdown during a pandemic, jobs became scarce and people, skeptical. There was one industry, though, that started preparing for a massive demand surge.

E-commerce companies were gearing up to onboard thousands and they had to do it in a socially distanced world. The onboarding process became completely remote and was done over live video calls.

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Samir Ghosh from Kolkata was one of the thousands looking for a job opportunity to support his family during an economic downturn. He signed up to be a Delivery Partner with one of the world’s top e-commerce company and shared his experience via his YouTube channel.

Samir’s Experience

In the video, Samir talks about the onboarding process including background verification and training. His onboarding was complete within a week of application and he has since started earning by delivering packages.

“Online training was the highlight for me. I didn’t need to leave my house and could complete it at my convenience.”

Like Samir, thousands of workers found a ray of hope in e-commerce companies. More than 100,000 Delivery Partners were onboarded during the pre-festive season, providing livelihood for them and their families.

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