With great Growth Comes Great Responsibility!

The last year-and-a-half have been the most amazing roller-coaster ride for IDfy.  We have grown from 20 people to about 150 at the moment. We continue to grow, and expect to hit the 200 people benchmark within the next 2 months.  While we have grown significantly, we have tried to retain the start-up ethos.  What that means is that we learn, implement, and change quickly, but most importantly, we listen. We listen to our customers and our employees, as well as our partners.  As C.E.O., my biggest challenge is ensuring that we do all of this at breakneck speed without compromising on quality, training, and other critical areas.

Implementing changes in a 20-member team was as easy as shouting out “Dude, we are not getting responses fast enough, implement a change in the process”.  That basically starts a chain of events where the tech team, ops team, and sales / accounts team just talk to each other and decide how to make a change quickly and implement it in minutes, if not seconds.  Fast forward a year later, with a team size of 150 – we have to worry about training, how we will implement technological changes, how will the managers monitor these changes, how the accounts team will monitor results, and so on.

These constraints make it much tougher to implement changes to processes. As a company whose revenue is increasing at a rate of 30% month-on-month, it makes it even more difficult to implement changes along with crazy growth. We use agile methodologies to ensure that things are done fast, and our tech was built ground-up to ensure that we can design processes and process changes on the fly. This ensures that we are quick on turnaround times for changes. We also ensured that the platform tells people what to do, ensuring that people can use the platform with minimal system training. We’ve managed to retain most of the team that built IDfy from the ground up in the first few years, and this has resulted in outsized dividends – our veteran employees now occupy senior positions across teams, and have proven to be effective leaders and managers for all the new people who’ve joined the IDfy family.

We have also added a lot of new customers, and while our growth has been staggering, we have ensured that our earliest customers, however small, are treated with the same respect and customer service as we always have had.  In fact, we have platforms to allow account management teams to monitor the health of the account.  We use a lot of data to help our customers; much of this is invisible to the customer, but as a tech and data company, our belief is that we can figure out problems even before they happen, and we manage customer relationships accordingly.

Overall we have added close to 30 clients quarter-on-quarter, and while there are some early teething problems sometimes, most of our customers have been extremely happy with our service quality and technology.

Seeing the company grow and evolve over the last 5 years has been the most satisfying experience that I have had. We have been able to create greatness not just because our tech is rocking or our operations are rocking.  We are great because we have been open to learning along the way.  Culturally, as a company, we have ensured that we incorporate learning and feedback into our processes and systems. We challenge ourselves continuously, not resting on the laurels that we’ve picked up along the way. We push ourselves to attain even higher standards than the ones we’ve managed to achieve in the past – and the accolades we receive from customers and industry bodies bear testimony to the fruit of these efforts. We look for people who are open to this. We own up to our responsibilities, we step-up to new challenges, we communicate effectively with both our employees and customers: but most importantly, we have fun along the way!


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