Mettl – India’s Most Comprehensive Online Assessment Platform

Mettl came to life in 2011 and has ever since transformed how hiring and assessments are done in India. Using technology, Mettl has managed to build robust products that assist companies, universities, certification bodies, etc. conduct assessments, examinations and certifications not just in India, but also across the World. By focusing on their core competencies, Mettl has been able to cater to a wide variety of industry applications such as candidate assessment, student assessments, vocational skills assessments, etc. Here are 6 stellar products/solutions that have helped Mettl carve a niche for itself in the Indian market:

  • Recruitment Tests – Through its recruitment tests, Mettl enables its corporate clients to hire candidates based on the skills or aptitude they possess and match them to the skills required to do the job effectively. Mettl enables its clients to create a test by either picking a pre-built test or customizing a test based on their requirement. Candidates can then be invited via email and access can be given to candidates across the world. Mettl further supplements the hiring process by issuing reports that help their clients decide on who is the best fit for the role & the organization. All these benefits coupled with the ‘remote proctoring’ mechanism built in the system, Mettl’s Recruitment Tests are clearly paving a way to a better future for corporates and candidates, alike.
  • Online Assessments Platform – Mettl’s Online Assessment Platform allows universities, corporates and certification bodies to conduct high stake tests online with ease. Their online certification software and online assessment software have been adopted well by the likes of GMAC, Tally, Amity University, to name a few. These assessments are secure and can be easily audited. They help clients cut down costs on physical test centers and related logistics. Also, as these tests are online, their online platform offers flexibility in test scheduling and delivers reports instantly. To ease the candidate journey, these tests have been designed to work across various devices.
  • Identifying high potentials through Psy-fi – This product has been developed to help companies find candidates that not only have the technical skills but also the required behavioural competencies to be real difference makers. Mettl helps clients identify competency models that can prepare their client’s workforce for today’s challenges and help them grow in the future. Once this is established, targeted assessments are created to measure predictors of those competencies, thereby, enhancing the efficiency and focus of the assessment process. This helps Mettl’s client achieve their desired outcomes in a data-driven and analytical manner. This solution helps companies identify potential star performers, future leaders, and long-term prospects. Psy-fi is being used by 100+ clients who have seen benefits of combining psychometrics, technology, and data analytics.
  • Vocational Assessments – Mettl has partnered with over 20 partner skill sector councils to deliver a tech-driven solution aimed at upskilling the Indian workforce. Mettl puts extra focus into ensuring that these tests follow state-of-the-art manifestation of the Qualification Packs as mandated by the various stakeholders, including the National Skills Qualifications Framework. They use data, and data only, to provide analytics to their clients. As is the case with their other products, Mettl’s Vocational skills product is equipped with fool-proof methods to protect data from unauthorized users.
  • Campus Hiring – This solution brought forth by Mettl helps connect companies with a pre-screened and pre-assessed pool of candidates. Mettl’s candidate pool consists of over 1 lakh assessed candidates. This solution is aimed at giving freshers a better opportunity to find their ideal job and for companies to mould the right candidates that can make a difference. This solution helps clients save costs & time spent on campus hiring at the fresher-level. It also helps them reduce the time-taken to onboard new candidates while making data-driven decisions. The campus hiring solution serves as a all-in-one platform that enables clients to source candidates, assess them, and hire them.
  • Mettl 360-Degrees – This intuitive solution created by Mettl changes 360-degree feedback in companies by introducing utmost confidentiality, real-time tracking, and differential scoring mechanisms. This solution helps Mettl’s clients introduce neutrality in their appraisal process and also enables them to take assistance of external experts.

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