IDfy Turns 7

IDfy is turning seven and we are marveling at how all the best things in the world – from notes in music to the dwarfs in Snow White – come in sevens. Even James Bond could look no beyond 007.

To add to the list, here’s 7 milestones we achieved during our 7th year.

1. Image Tampering Detection: During the year, we embarked on an ambitious project of using machine learning to catch frauds related to tampered digital images.

2. Claims Fraud Detection: We launched our Insurance vertical specializing in catching claims frauds within a 24-hour window.

3. Digital Forensics Engine: An engine that analyses people’s digital footprints to proactively alert organizations to the possibility of fraud.

4. Liveness Detection: Our Liveness Detection Product detects if a selfie is of a live person or a picture of a picture, a fast emerging digital image fraud.

5. World HRD Conference: We were rated as the Best BGV Provider in the country for the 3rd year in a row.

6. A Million Verifications: During the year we completed a million verifications.

7. Funding: We completed our Series B funding from NEA, Dream Incubator and NB Ventures.

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