Double-Check – The Easiest Way to Conduct Background Verification!

‘Double-Check’ is the smoothest and easiest way to conduct background verification, especially if you’re an SME, a Start-up, or a company that is at the forefront of adoption of technology. We thought we’d share some information on why every organization MUST verify their candidates:

  1. Quality of hire –  8-12% of candidates lie in their CVs. If you hire them, then you are left with employees who don’t possess the skills they claim to have
  2. Risk to your brand – Employees in customer facing roles could adversely affect your brand by misbehaving with your customers
  3. Financial risks – For obvious reasons, employees that manage cash or make financial transactions are often considered high risk and subjected to more checks
  4. Criminal cases – About 2% of the population has court cases against it, it makes sense to be fully cognisant of the criminal history of the people you hire

Many of these issues are mitigated by conducting background verification of your employees. However, approaching a traditional (non tech-based) BGV vendor has it’s downsides.

  1. Lots and lots of manual work – some vendors insist on the company to collect candidate documents and this is a huge hassle
  2. Lots and lots of spreadsheets and emails – several vendors still insist on sharing verification updates on spreadsheets and sharing documents via email. It is very difficult to track status in a mass of e-mails
  3. Where’s the proof – Every verification result ought to be substantiated with evidence. We often find vendors providing fake results under the garb of ‘verbal verification’, thus providing no evidence at all!
  4. Slow Turn Around Time – It shouldn’t take months to verify someone. Manual processes are often inefficient and cause delays

We’re extremely pleased to launch the world’s first completely online Background Verification Service – Double-Check. Ordering, tracking, and obtaining results, is now as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Invite candidates by entering their email IDs and selecting the checks you wish to conduct. That’s it, IDfy does the rest of the work including following-up for documents and gives you a verification report
  2. Monitor real-time status of each profile and each check on our intuitive dashboard
  3. Access comprehensive and audit-friendly reports containing evidence for each check conducted. We can verify your candidates in a median TAT of 10 working days!

In case you didn’t know, IDfy is a NASSCOM-NSR empanelled vendor and has won back-to-back awards at the World HRD Congress for Background Verification!

Register yourself on Double Check today or write to us!

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