Mettl – India’s Most Comprehensive Online Assessment Platform

Mettl came to life in 2011 and has ever since transformed how hiring and assessments are done in India. Using technology, Mettl has managed to build robust products that assist companies, universities, certification bodies, etc. conduct assessments, examinations and certifications not just in India, but also across the World. By focusing on their core competencies, Mettl has been able to cater to a wide variety of industry applications such as candidate assessment, student assessments, vocational skills assessments, etc. Here are 6 stellar products/solutions that have helped Mettl carve a niche for itself in the Indian market:

  • Recruitment Tests – Through its recruitment tests, Mettl enables its corporate clients to hire candidates based on the skills or aptitude they possess and match them to the skills required to do the job effectively. Mettl enables its clients to create a test by either picking a pre-built test or customizing a test based on their requirement. Candidates can then be invited via email and access can be given to candidates across the world. Mettl further supplements the hiring process by issuing reports that help their clients decide on who is the best fit for the role & the organization. All these benefits coupled with the ‘remote proctoring’ mechanism built in the system, Mettl’s Recruitment Tests are clearly paving a way to a better future for corporates and candidates, alike.
  • Online Assessments Platform – Mettl’s Online Assessment Platform allows universities, corporates and certification bodies to conduct high stake tests online with ease. Their online certification software and online assessment software have been adopted well by the likes of GMAC, Tally, Amity University, to name a few. These assessments are secure and can be easily audited. They help clients cut down costs on physical test centers and related logistics. Also, as these tests are online, their online platform offers flexibility in test scheduling and delivers reports instantly. To ease the candidate journey, these tests have been designed to work across various devices.
  • Identifying high potentials through Psy-fi – This product has been developed to help companies find candidates that not only have the technical skills but also the required behavioural competencies to be real difference makers. Mettl helps clients identify competency models that can prepare their client’s workforce for today’s challenges and help them grow in the future. Once this is established, targeted assessments are created to measure predictors of those competencies, thereby, enhancing the efficiency and focus of the assessment process. This helps Mettl’s client achieve their desired outcomes in a data-driven and analytical manner. This solution helps companies identify potential star performers, future leaders, and long-term prospects. Psy-fi is being used by 100+ clients who have seen benefits of combining psychometrics, technology, and data analytics.
  • Vocational Assessments – Mettl has partnered with over 20 partner skill sector councils to deliver a tech-driven solution aimed at upskilling the Indian workforce. Mettl puts extra focus into ensuring that these tests follow state-of-the-art manifestation of the Qualification Packs as mandated by the various stakeholders, including the National Skills Qualifications Framework. They use data, and data only, to provide analytics to their clients. As is the case with their other products, Mettl’s Vocational skills product is equipped with fool-proof methods to protect data from unauthorized users.
  • Campus Hiring – This solution brought forth by Mettl helps connect companies with a pre-screened and pre-assessed pool of candidates. Mettl’s candidate pool consists of over 1 lakh assessed candidates. This solution is aimed at giving freshers a better opportunity to find their ideal job and for companies to mould the right candidates that can make a difference. This solution helps clients save costs & time spent on campus hiring at the fresher-level. It also helps them reduce the time-taken to onboard new candidates while making data-driven decisions. The campus hiring solution serves as a all-in-one platform that enables clients to source candidates, assess them, and hire them.
  • Mettl 360-Degrees – This intuitive solution created by Mettl changes 360-degree feedback in companies by introducing utmost confidentiality, real-time tracking, and differential scoring mechanisms. This solution helps Mettl’s clients introduce neutrality in their appraisal process and also enables them to take assistance of external experts.
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Double-Check – The Easiest Way to Conduct Background Verification!

‘Double-Check’ is the smoothest and easiest way to conduct background verification, especially if you’re an SME, a Start-up, or a company that is at the forefront of adoption of technology. We thought we’d share some information on why every organization MUST verify their candidates:

  1. Quality of hire –  8-12% of candidates lie in their CVs. If you hire them, then you are left with employees who don’t possess the skills they claim to have
  2. Risk to your brand – Employees in customer facing roles could adversely affect your brand by misbehaving with your customers
  3. Financial risks – For obvious reasons, employees that manage cash or make financial transactions are often considered high risk and subjected to more checks
  4. Criminal cases – About 2% of the population has court cases against it, it makes sense to be fully cognisant of the criminal history of the people you hire

Many of these issues are mitigated by conducting background verification of your employees. However, approaching a traditional (non tech-based) BGV vendor has it’s downsides.

  1. Lots and lots of manual work – some vendors insist on the company to collect candidate documents and this is a huge hassle
  2. Lots and lots of spreadsheets and emails – several vendors still insist on sharing verification updates on spreadsheets and sharing documents via email. It is very difficult to track status in a mass of e-mails
  3. Where’s the proof – Every verification result ought to be substantiated with evidence. We often find vendors providing fake results under the garb of ‘verbal verification’, thus providing no evidence at all!
  4. Slow Turn Around Time – It shouldn’t take months to verify someone. Manual processes are often inefficient and cause delays

We’re extremely pleased to launch the world’s first completely online Background Verification Service – Double-Check. Ordering, tracking, and obtaining results, is now as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Invite candidates by entering their email IDs and selecting the checks you wish to conduct. That’s it, IDfy does the rest of the work including following-up for documents and gives you a verification report
  2. Monitor real-time status of each profile and each check on our intuitive dashboard
  3. Access comprehensive and audit-friendly reports containing evidence for each check conducted. We can verify your candidates in a median TAT of 10 working days!

In case you didn’t know, IDfy is a NASSCOM-NSR empanelled vendor and has won back-to-back awards at the World HRD Congress for Background Verification!

Register yourself on Double Check today or write to us!

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Review: Best HRMS for SMEs in India

SMEs run on tight budgets. Spending money on an HRMS isn’t always on their priority list. Moreover, an HRMS really becomes indispensable beyond a certain employee size. In fact before deciding on an HRMS, most SMEs buy a Payroll system. Also once they do decide to go for an HRMS, they do not necessarily look for a complicated list of features, like a large enterprise might.

To help SMEs make the right decision on HRMS, we’ve reviewed 7 popular HRMS designed especially for SMEs in India. Here’s our list of top 7 HRMS in the country (in no particular order):

  • GreytHR

GreytHR offers complete payroll & HR software that is used by over 3500 companies in India. Their payroll & HR software is designed especially for small & medium-sized businesses. Their core HRMS solution enables companies to maintain an extensive employee database and track all employee life-cycle activities. Using APIs, internal and external applications can be integrated into their HRMS with ease. Their core HRMS facilitates the HR to monitor data through an easy-to-use dashboard which also provides analytics to the HR by allowing them to slide and dice data as per their need. GreytHR also provides client companies with a mobile application, making life easier for their mobile workforce.

GreytHR’s payroll solution allows for a comprehensive coverage of all aspects relating to payroll. Easy to learn and use, this solution enable the HR to audit and review payroll before releasing it. Other features of their payroll solution enable the company to manage their TDS calculations, generate form 16 for their employees, manage any loans or reimbursements, and process F&F statements. Other features of GreytHR’s HRMS include efficient leave, attendance, and expense claim management. By enabling the HR to leverage IT for effectiveness and efficiency, GreytHR has managed to process over 650,000 payslips for their clients.

Current clientele: Livevox, Exotel, Quikjet, PayAsia, Xindia, Servicemax, Unilog, and several others.

Know more at:

  • Zoho People

Zoho’s compelling proposition is that their HRMS manages all HR activities so that the HR can focus on taking care of their employees. Zoho People, their core HRMS solution, offers features for leave management, attendance management, time tracker, form customization, performance appraisal, employee self-service, HR process automation, and real-time collaboration. They even offer a Mobile app to cater to the growing need of workforce mobility. Their ‘form customization’ tool enables the HR to build custom modules using drag-and-drop tools, clone forms, and give role-based permissions for individual forms & fields. A unique feature of their attendance management tool is that it facilitates geo-tagging of locations for mobile check-in and check-outs.

Zoho People enables the HR to maintain and monitor employee data from a central location, automate workflows, set reminders, and simplify employee performance reviews. Using the time tracker feature, a manager can monitor the team’s productivity, and schedule jobs and work items. Their performance appraisal feature puts in place a mechanism for 360-degree feedback, goal setting, employee self-appraisal, and analytics.

Current Clientele: Zoho has catered to SMEs like Q7Technologies, Visual BI, Oaksure Insurance, Nitai Partners Inc., FIME India, Taru Leading Edge, and many more.

Know more at:

  • ZingHR

ZingHR is known for its end-to-end solutions covering the entire employee lifecycle. The flexibility of their HRMS is well-known in the industry as they work with start-ups, SMEs, and even Fortune 500 enterprises across the globe. Apart from the web-based HRMS module, they also provide clients with a mobile application that employees can use. This makes life easier not only for the HR, but also for the end users, i.e. employees of the organization. Their HRMS includes features for e-recruitment, onboarding, time, attendance, & leave management, travel expense, payroll processing, performance appraisals, and much more. The employee self-service journey helps employees in updating their information on a real-time basis. Their HRMS is available in 4 packages which are ZingHR Welcome Pack, ZingHR Power Pack, ZingHR Business Pack, and ZingHR Turbo Pack. The ZingHR Power Pack is highly recommended for SMEs as it enables SMEs to use features such as Employee HR Database Management, Leave Management Systems, Payroll Compliances Management, on-boarding, time & attendance management, and much more.

Their current clients include MediAssist, SRL Diagnostics, Writer, The Hindu, and several others.

Know more at:

  • Easyhr

Easyhr was founded in 2010 with a motto to provide innovative ways to make it easier and fun to work and manage HR interactions. They have done so by providing a comprehensive software package encompassing HRIS records, leaves & attendance, payroll, expenses, and travel. Instead of using spreadsheets to manage information, easyhr’s software can help the HR to dedicate their time on strategic activities.

The self-service portal enables the employee to input his information and update it from time-to-time. Their Leave & Attendance systems even provide division/department-wise vacation calendar so that the company’s leave workflow can be managed. Their Recruitment Management feature enables the HR to schedule interviews, manage communication, rate candidates and share interview notes directly from the portal. Some other interesting features provided by easyhr are Training Management, Claims & Expenses Tracking, Travel Management, Payroll & Compliance, Performance Management, Asset Management and Rewards & Recognition. Easyhr prides themselves on their easy to use software, ability to give HR administrators remote access and control, and their ability to customize the software as per the company’s requirement, regardless of how large or small the company is.

Current Clientele: easyhr has catered to over 250,000 employees through customers like Covacsis Technologies, Navcraft Handlooms, Impresa Hospitality Management, and many more.

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  • Ascent HR

Ascent HR is an HR solutions partner for various companies spanning across different industries and headcount. They currently cater to over 400 clients across the globe. Ascent’s HR suite comprises of five different applications. These are:

  1. PowerHR (HRMS): This is a comprehensive suite covering all areas of the employee lifecycle from “Hire to Retire”. This suite can be used by any company, regardless of head count. This module covers on-boarding, HR analytics, benefits management, performance management, and much more.
  2. STOHRM (Global Small Business Suite): Acts as a foundation for companies to build their HR and Payroll strategies. Highly recommended for start-ups or SMEs who are forming their HR policies. This module covers on-boarding, employee lifecycle management, employee data management, separation, attendance & leave, and payroll & benefits.
  3. HRBerry (Benefits): HRBerry is another tool recommended for SMEs. The self-service journey powered by this tool enables employees to enter details and managers to approve various transactions along with viewing the staff records. It can be extended to the entire organization and can help in saving management time. Benefits & claims, loans & advances, payroll analytics, leave management, etc. are some of the features of this module.
  4. PowerPay (Payroll): PowerPay is Ascent’s global payroll processing application. It helps the HR to devise country-specific reports, multi-lingual reports, and much more.
  5. PowerCMS (Compliance): PowerCMS is comprehensive compliance management tool for businesses in India. It helps companies remain compliant with their payroll policies and labour policies.

Ascent HR’s mobile app allows employees to stay connected wherever they go and manage their work life better.

Know more at:

  • Zeta Software

A leading name in the HRMS & Payroll software industry, Zeta Software, works with SMEs across the globe. Leveraging their industry experience, Zeta Software provides software and services that are relevant, practical, and useful for SMEs across industry verticals.  Zeta HRMS is a cloud-based application providing a comprehensive solution for workforce management. Their HRMS enables employees to view and manage their own information while the data is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Some of their modules include Benefit Management, Leave Management, Time & Attendance, Payroll Management, Asset Management, etc. This software is available on a subscription-basis and can be customized as per the company’s requirement. Moreover, this software can help SMEs to formulate policies in line with those of big, established players.

Know more at:

  • QuikChex

QuikChex provides an intuitive dashboard that enables companies to reduce time and money spent on HR. The HRMS offers various features such as payroll software, leave tracking, time & attendance management, leave management, compliance management, and TDS management. They provide payroll outsourcing solutions as well as detailed payroll, HR, compliance and tax reporting features. Furthermore, their employee self-service portal helps minimize the time-taken by the HR to update employee information.

QuikChex’s Payroll software can be customized as per the organization’s policies and practices. They offer cloud-based HRMS solutions that can help an organization maintain a comprehensive employee directory and also upload company policy documents that employees can view on their self-service portal. Their Leave Management portal enables the HR to create the ideal attendance and leave policy for the company and manage regularization and leave requests with a single-click. Their ‘report’ feature enables the HR to download reports for payroll, income tax, leave and attendance.

Current clientele: 250+ customers including Mapbox, Coupon Dunia, Haptik, and Coverfox.

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About the Company

Founded in 2007 by Sean Blagsvedt and Vir Kashyap, Bengaluru-based is a digital marketplace which seamlessly connects entry-level and informal sector employees to employers through a common, accessible platform. With close to 8 million registered job seekers and over 5 lakh registered employers, the company is committed to “bettering people’s lives and providing dignified livelihoods.” While job portals in India have largely focused on the white-collar space, was India’s first online job portal for the massive and untapped blue-collar workforce. Having raised $12 million in funds from SEEK, Gray Ghost Ventures, Khosla impact and USAID, some of the company’s satisfied clients include Uber, Dunzo and Firstsource.

How Does it Work?

Prior to, other job portals in India focussed on fulfilling the hiring requirements of primarily white-collar employees. As the white-collar workforce in India was fairly educated and tech savvy, there was an immediate increase in the demand and supply of jobs being sourced through online job portals. Blue-collar workers and employers who wanted to hire blue-collar workers continued to rely on traditional methods such as references, recruitment agencies, poster advertisements at bus stops etc. Pertinent issues such as illiteracy, lack of technological know-how, limited access to internet, and unfamiliarity with the web `prohibited blue collar workers from accessing facilities enjoyed by the white-collar workforce in India. Even for employers, the choice of candidates for blue-collar jobs was limited as their target employees weren’t available on the popular tech savvy job portals.

To counter this, has leveraged the web, a mobile application, SMS and multi-lingual interactive voice response (IVR) service to connect job seekers with relevant information about jobs around them. Job seekers who are unable to create an online profile can simply give a missed call on a number. The system then calls them back and asks them some generic questions to create a profile for them. Language is not a barrier as this IVR facility is available in multiple Indian languages, making the on boarding process easy and hassle-free for job seekers. The IVR facility also allows job seekers to find and apply for jobs.

For employers looking to hire the right candidate, the process has never been simpler. Upon registering with via a call or website, employers are required to provide a clear job description, highlighting the responsibilities, work experience and expected remuneration to post jobs on the website and mobile app. This allows registered job seekers to display interest towards jobs they deem the most suitable for them. With access to India’s largest database of drivers, receptionists, BPO, Sales and delivery executives, amongst many other blue-collared roles, employers don’t have to look further for interested employees.

Apart from ranking potential candidates to specific needs in real time, screens selected candidates, allowing for instant hiring. Upon a successful match, employers can schedule an interview with potential employees, while being able to preview and receive candidate calls without receiving their numbers. Employers are then required to notify when they successfully employ a candidate and also give feedback on the candidate’s performance.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Overall User Experience

The company’s success has been fuelled through an extensive use of technology. One of these is the IVR. By operating purely through mobile phones, this multi-lingual system has allowed close to 800,000 job seekers to create a profile, find and apply for relevant jobs, regardless of their internet connectivity or literacy. Other than corporates, even several households and SMEs use their platform to fulfil their blue-collar hiring requirements through a freemium model. has developed a suite of technological products to minimize the chances of exploitation and fraudulent activity which are prevalent in the low-income job market. They provide support to all employers by giving them options to verify the candidate’s background, download sample employment contracts, choose from several health insurance plans for their employees, and review and provide feedback on the employees hired. has also developed a platform,, where a map shows an overlay of salary data linked to pin codes. Using this platform, employers can decide on the most appropriate salary to pay their staff based on their location and employees can grab the best opportunities, based on their expected pay.

In February 2017, they launched the Babajob Chat Bot – the world’s first multi-lingual job search Chat Bot. It incorporates the latest natural language AI, speech recognition and machine visual APIS from Facebook, Google and Microsoft, enabling them to understand free text queries (“I want a driver job in Agra”) plus analyse a jobseeker’s language skills by listening to their voice. It also enables jobseekers to photograph their key government documents, which they will analyse and verify against the India government’s India Stack APIs and also incorporates a personality assessment test co- authored with the WorldBank to fairly accurately analyse a jobseeker’s personality in just 11 questions.”

The company’s COO and co-founder, Vir Kashyap, stated that the application focuses “deeply on improving the job recommendation function, which is to identify which applicant is suitable for which job, all led by technology.” With over 3,50,000 applications per month for jobs across 21 categories, has facilitated employers to post about 5.8 million job opportunities till date!

Impressed much? We definitely are! If you’d like to know more about the platform and their services, please visit: Also, check out their blue-collar salary mapping platform –

Happy hiring to all!

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Better Financial Risk Management With Machine Learning

How does one go about preventing credit frauds, ensuring the reliability of someone that one proposes to give a loan to, or, more generally, taking safer decisions when it comes to something as tricky as financial risk management?

This isn’t a new question, of course – it’s been around as long as people have borrowed and bartered, and over the ages the finance industry has come up with several methods of trying to address this concern. The latest has been to take the approach of statistical modelling, and one has to admit, this has helped matters tremendously. Banks are able to paint a more detailed picture of what their overall risk profile is, and avoid seriously risky situations.


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With great Growth Comes Great Responsibility!

The last year-and-a-half have been the most amazing roller-coaster ride for IDfy.  We have grown from 20 people to about 150 at the moment. We continue to grow, and expect to hit the 200 people benchmark within the next 2 months.  While we have grown significantly, we have tried to retain the start-up ethos.  What that means is that we learn, implement, and change quickly, but most importantly, we listen. We listen to our customers and our employees, as well as our partners.  As C.E.O., my biggest challenge is ensuring that we do all of this at breakneck speed without compromising on quality, training, and other critical areas.


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